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Upgrade Feb 2022

Bible ref as text string

If you prefer to type (or paste) a complete bible reference as text (e.g. 'John 3:16'), put it in the 'Ref' box and then press the 'Use' button. Your reference will be scanned and the details placed in the fields below so then you can use the normal Search button.

The system has been upgraded to 'know' the number of verses in each chapter in each book so that a 'Ref' like John 3:16-end can be used

Abbreviated book names can be used as in
2 Cor 3:4

A ref with no verses eg 'Psalm 23' will be treated as 'Psalm 23:1-end'

Songbook choice menu

There is now only one Songbook choice menu (rather than one for each search). The menu has been extended to include individual SOF books as well as 'all SOF'.

For searches in SOF, the book number (1-6) is now reported

Note: March 2019

Indexes have been extended to cover SOF 6

Note: March 2015

Bible search - results sorted by number and duplicates stripped out

Note: February 2015

Major enhancements:

  • Now contains all songs from SOF-5
  • Uses a JSON DB (speed improvement)

Author: Roger Stone (